And so are the days of our VC lives.

It feels we have come to a sort of a standstill, a grievance, a loss. It feels that we as a community has not come closer but are spreading further apart. Power grabs and battles against kin. There are undercover stories and the normal trouble makers wanting more attention. The word “change” has been used so often but have we decided what change we need?

Do we need fewer leaders or more leaders? Less drama or more drama? A justice system? A new face? An undercover guardian? Or what people? What do we need to make this more bearable?

It is always said that we need to make things nicer for the newcomers. But at the very moment I think we should be focusing attention to the needs of the old members as well. when I say older members I do not automatically mean the elders and the leaders and the popular ones. I mean everyone in this community that has been through this. The ones who lost their rock called Merticus and those who seek to fill that spot. For something stable cannot be built on unsolid ground.

If the foundation of this Online Vampire Community is unstable, what do we hope to build for the future people that we treasure so much. We keep bringing in new people for new life and new blood but then what? We leave them to their own devices. We leave them to waddle in their self-made fantasy mumbling about too much effort. We are building this new phase on lies and fantasy. We are closing our eyes to the decay. And it is just about maddening!!

We sit in our little bubbles oblivious to our surroundings but preaching change. We want to negotiate to take over in power but we cannot even control our own people. We want to coin a new beginning but the base is nothing but stale crackers. Now don’t get me wrong, this is not written as a guideline. This is not written as step by step how to discover you. This is a courtesy call. This is a wake-up call. This is an article from someone just as confused as most of us are. We have lost an idol. In some ways we have lost a parent and as children we seem to have trouble accepting what is what. As adults we are now fighting to take claim of what is left over. And that is fine. We need time, we need clarity.

What we do not need is this confusion. And we can fix that. We can come up stronger if we are strong enough to go back to our roots. That’s why I call again to put our focus on our older members. We need to heal. A little story some of you might know. Before you judge take the words and apply it to yourself in the way you want to. I realise we all are not religious I myself am not. But I know a good quote/story when I see one. I feel it is quite fitting in this situation.

There were once two men, and each needed to build a house. The first man was foolish, and chose to build on sandy soil where it was easy to access and easy to dig the foundations. In a few short weeks he was almost finished. The second man was wise, and chose to build his house on a rocky hill, where it was very hard to access and to dig the foundation. He spent many months building his house. As time passed a huge storm broke upon the houses of these men. After much rain, a flood swept through the valley and the man’s house that was built on the sand was swept away. But the second man who had built on the rocky hill was safe. No matter how hard it rained or how fierce the floods were his house remained solid and immovable.”

The story above is from the Matthew 7: 24-27.

Fact of the matter is no matter how in control you think you are at the moment it only takes a little push to be knocked into confusion and that is only natural. What is not natural is the denial of this. The denial of the state of what we are in now. The kin communities, the therians, the vampires, and whatever else there is. The world never comes to a standstill and we lay stagnant without us realising it. We tend to loose focus and learn things of no worth. I remind everyone of the saying it’s about quality not quantity.

Reinforce learning, reinforce attitudes, reinforce confidence, reinforce the base and we can build to a bigger tomorrow. There are many things that can be done or come from this. Ideas, goals, plans, good and bad. It is up to you to decide which you want to do and which side you want to stand on. It has been awhile in the vc since an opportunity like this has arose and likely will be sometime again. Which do you want to do?

This is not a guide, but a way to open discussion all around the vc on how to move forward and with whom you want to lay your trust in its future and foundation. We should ask, what is the foundation of our life? Are we like the foolish man, whose lives built on sand? What foundation should the Vampire Community be built upon? So which one are we going to be?

When the floods come you don’t want to be with the ones who thought it wise to build their house in the sand.

-Karen Brand


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