Picture it.. Privacy?


The problems of the anonymous VC Dweller


In my time spent in the OVC I have come across an interesting subject, the battle of using your real name/photo vs using an alias and a random pic (anime, drawings, a landscape etc.).

Now when I came into this community I came in under my real name and photo but I was advised to use an alias, something I liked, and to avoid photo’s, anything that could basically link me to my “day-side” should be kept to myself. As it could be used against me in later stages. (Boy if I only knew)

So off I went I made my little profile and I put up my anime pictures and I was happy. As years went on I started noticing the increase of people beginning to use their real photos on their night sides, some even changed their names back to the original. I don’t know what sparked the sudden “ I don’t care who knows” attitude but it seems that people who feel comfortable doing that have gone into  the mind-set of if I do it and you don’t, I won’t take you seriously.

Now here is the issue…

Most people don’t question why we use alternative aliases and photos of Anime or flowers or whatever strikes our fancy. But let me give a little insight from a personal perspective. You can agree with me or disagree as I said it my personal opinion.

Over the years I have spent in the OVC I have seen and experienced many unhinged individuals, and many dangerous situations.

When it comes to privacy you have to respect the fact that the person chooses not to reveal their real information to you for personal reasons, may it be they haven’t come out of the coffin yet or they don’t wish to risk having an issue at their work when their habits come into light. They have a stalker and they are hiding, or maybe they just don’t trust you simple as that.

If you take a little look around actually there is a brilliant reason why people don’t want to share their personal info. Your IP can get hacked and people could post your house location all over the VC in a spite effort. Someone could take you Photo and make a Disgusting photo shop of it. People can use your personal Info such as sickness for example and make a Bantering post about it. Hell if they really wanted to they can make a personal post about you with your name your family and your damn underwear size for all that they care. And now some people will say “so?” I don’t care.  Well keep in mind not everyone is the same and some people actually do care.

Worse even if they know your real name they could easily get to your day-side and mess around there. Contact family members; display your personal info where ever they choose. I’m sure no one wants that now do they? And no this is not a scary bed time story this stuff actually happens!

I’ve seen it happen and it’s happened to me!

See people are very quick to judge you on how you choose to style your profile, call it judging a book by its cover.  And don’t get me wrong if you choose to use your real info go for it. I applaud you, but please understand that if I choose not to do so you have to respect that as well. It’s a simple exchange of respect, if you don’t know the reason don’t pretend to and don’t make it difficult for them to get their point across because you cannot understand. Rather take 5 minutes more out of the attention span and read what the person has to say instead of just reading to reply. Or reading only to make remarks.

Just because they choose not to reveal all doesn’t make them any less important or automatically a troll. Some of the Biggest trolls I know roll under their original names and pics 😉

It’s sad to actually sit here writing this because it would not need to be said if there was not an issue, if it’s not an issue to you fair enough but I’m sure some of us will relate to what I say here.

For the safety of our members and for the peace of mind I think we deserve please remember that you have no right to demand personal info from a person.

Below I’ll make a little list of things I’d like to see happen to make sure people feel secure and validated. (Please keep in mind this is all my personal opinion which you can agree or disagree with)

  • Make your profile just as you like. No one has the right to tell you what you should or should not use as a name or profile picture. One’s Facebook is an expression of yourself. If you go against Facebook rules that is honestly your problem but as long as you feel happy with what you do on your page go for it.
  • Do not feel obligated to tell anyone your personal info even if they bully you for it, you are under no obligation to tell them anything you do not want to. And if they feel like saying that you are a troll and you hide under a fake persona well that is their wrong doing not yours.
  • Keep in mind who you open up to. Your friend today can be your enemy tomorrow. Not everyone who listens is a friend…
  • If you want to judge someone (and don’t say you don’t because we all do) judge them on how they behave, what they say, and how they carry over their point. If they are right then they are right, doesn’t matter if they have a damn flower as they profile picture their opinion matters just as much as anyone else’s. If someone is behaving like a child and insulting people for no reason, sure go ahead call them a troll. But don’t you dare pick up that broad brush and try to paint us all the same colour.
  • Finally a state of mutual respect should be given. That should be obvious and already implemented.

You cannot call yourself a community or a family for that matter if you ignore the little things, such as basic privacy and decency.


-Nyx Louloudi

(please note views expressed in this article are not meant as an attack on anyone personally and is purely personal opinion expressed which you can relate to or not.)


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